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Resume presentations

Your resume is a story of you. Your accomplishments, goals, education, and personality are unique and should be showcased in your resume- a marketing tool with your specific brand with effective keywords. I have written resumes for friends most of my life and I have successfully helped them present themselves for a new opportunity or career.

I am a Veteran owned business, member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, and I believe in developing professional business relationships with people. I have worked for the Department of Defense, the State of Colorado, the Sate of Texas and fortune 100 companies. Let my working experience and education benefit your next journey.

My pricing is fair market value for the type of resume and cover letter you desire.

Visual Narratives

I wrote my first technical guides and contingency manual for the United States Air Force and have created my own opportunities to write technical documents, instruction guides, and business documents while working as an analyst. I have a passion for translating the technical into simple, clear terms. I believe that technical writing includes a visual and interactive component.

Custom Projects

I will set up your small or medium sized business with an employee guide, system and process specific instruction guides, company logo, website, and social media. Let me and my associates transform your business into a professional and administratively well run operation.

About Morgan

Born and raised in and around Denver, Colorado to Alfred and Dorothy Boggio, Morgan spent a lot of her early years traveling around the world. Before reaching adulthood, Morgan had already set foot on all the continents, save Antarctica.

After high school, Morgan followed through with her personal beliefs regarding service to country by joining the United States Air Force. She was stationed at the Defense Language Institute learning the Russian language. During that time, the tragic loss of her father left Morgan with a new career and she became a highly-praised scheduler of aircraft at the headquarters of the Strategic Air Command at Offutt AFB, Nebraska. She remained there until her Honorable Discharge, having achieved the rank of Sergeant.

After leaving the Air Force, Morgan began to focus on her academics, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with Computer Science from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. After graduation, Morgan began working at the Union Pacific Railroad, utilizing her skills and continuing to hone one heretofore unknown talent…writing. After five years with the railroad, Morgan returned to Colorado working in state government.

Now in Austin, Texas, Morgan has worked at using her analytic skills for a variety of companies, including Dell Computers, the Austin-Sheraton Hotel, MessageOne and Capital Metro Transportation Authority. She was active in local politics, assisting in voter registration and administration. Morgan is also an ordained minister under Joan Hunter Ministries. Currently, Morgan is working to build a successful writing business, E-Morgaine and launch an online magazine The Summit. She will graduate with a fourth degree, a Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology from West Texas A&M University in May 2018.

Morgan is a published author, was board member of the Brush Square Museum, and is currently looking to complete her next goals…her first novel.


2009 to Present

Creating technical documentation and providing professional writing services.
Served as Colorado subject matter expert and coordinator for telecommunication taxes. Wrote Employee Handbook, policies and procedures, and instruction guides to implement pre-determined protocols that led to 40% increased productivity. Introduced and implemented timeclock software that improved office efficiency. Worked on a team for business tool and process improvements. Analyzed transactions in SAP for compliance. Sub-contracted presentation of Texas Special Olympics Strategic Plan.Created technical documents for Manatron and SunPower.Ongoing freelance writer for scientific articles at Origins Scientific Research Society.

The Ruby Bird

2014 to Present

The Ruby Bird is an online magazine ministry designed to inspire by showing science in The Bible.

Texas Department of Agriculture

Data Analyst
7/2012 to 6/2014
Austin, Texas

The Texas Department of Agriculture is a state agency responsible for matters pertaining to agriculture, rural community affairs, and related matters.
Customize univariate, compliance rate, trend, and performance analysis for program data, logistics’ team, and field offices.Manage the monthly trend analysis program and evaluate problems for improved operating procedures and policy updates.Provided consultation for analysis reports and presentations.Manage records retention.Wrote technical guides for training.

Dell MessageOne

Mid-Level Analyst
8/2008 to 4/2009
Austin, Texas

MessageOne offered on-demand services for business continuity, archiving and disaster recovery, with a particular focus on email.
Analyzed AlertFind system, optimize workflow, write basic Python map codes for software, SalesForce and Excel.Wrote ‘Read Me’ guides for client import and color coded data manipulation complexity.

Sheraton Hotel

Director of Revenue Management in Training
9/2007 to 4/2008
Austin, Texas

Recovered $10,000.00 room revenue for October 2007.
Executed training in TLPe, TLGO, and IPS into forecasting, market analysis and pricing. Excel and Crystal Reports.Wrote a Galaxy LightSpeed instruction manual for new Front Desk Clerks.Experienced in room and reservation accounting.

Dell Inc.

Call Center Operations Analyst
6/2006 to 9/2007
Round Rock, Texas

Excel Guru for data analysis, trends, and reports of call center metrics used to improve efficiencies and performance.
Utilized SQL and Excel.Optimized and managed workforce management.

State of Colorado Department of Revenue

Project Manager & Admin Assistant II
11/2004 to 10/2005
Denver, Colorado

Wrote comprehensive self-training guides to include refund procedures, production reports, and coding for invoice payments. Optimized process for tax form updates of 2,000 current tax forms.
Detailed analysis and adjustment of mismatched business tax payments in accounting system.Managed supply inventory, payment department bills, record retention, employee records, social functions, production reports, and assignment of problem accounts reducing cost to the department.

Union Pacific Railroad

Train & Crew Dispatcher
System Administrator
Project Manager
11/2004 to 10/2005
Omaha, Nebraska

Analysis and Research:
Wrote a statistical analysis to demonstrate significant diesel fuel and labor savings by running Distributed Power versus conventional coal trains. Formatted and built database of track data from engineering profiles of all Southern Pacific track for train simulation software. Created databases for tractive/dynamic effort charts and physical characteristics of locomotives. Contributed to WeatherData’s research on wind patterns over Sherman Hill, Wyoming to reduce lost revenues. Analyzed phone statistics and customer satisfaction. Designed an Access database and report to show the value of engineer training on simulators and correlation of significant fuel savings. Streamlined communications by creating a project management database for tax agents.
Operations Management:
Managed a territory of 80 to 120 engineers, trainmen and yard personnel. Responsible for employment records, pay, time off, four levels of labor agreements and collective bargaining, disciplinary actions, and training. Qualified in 25 territories with area specific labor and collective bargaining agreements with one of the lowest claim rates. Trained 40 co-workers.
Balance horsepower hours between Union Pacific locomotives and other railroads. Managed weed abatement to reduce liabilities, manage billing for property tax due on all leases, reconcile miles of track for operating and nonoperating property in the state of Iowa and enter and audit property descriptions and other related information in the tax payment database. General accounting for property taxes in 28 states.

Creighton University

Clinical Research Associate (Diabetes Research Center)
Patient Acct Representative (Dept. of Surgery)
8/1992 to 3/1995
Omaha, Nebraska

Post-secondary formal classes for CPT-4, ICD-9-CM coding, medical insurance billing, pre nursing coursework and attended a formal coding workshop in addition to degree.
Used sonar and laser dopplers, CASE machine, neurometer, vitals and phlebotomy per study protocol. Patient accounting, estate and bankruptcy claims, CPT-4, ICD-9CM coding, and monthly statements.

United States Air Force

Russian Linguist, Aircrew Scheduler, C3CM Operator
Honorable Discharge 1994

Scheduled flight crews for 2ACCS and ACE program, analyzed training requirements, and managed flight refueling for training missions.
Wrote a contingency manual for 55th Wing and technical guides in flight authorizations for 2 ACCS and 38 SRS.

M.Ed. Industrial Design & Technology

(2018) West Texas A&M University

A.A.S. Business Communication + A.A.S. Technical Communication

2014 Austin Community College

Real Estate & Property Appraisal

2005 Northern Colorado School of Real Estate

B.S. Mathematics + Minor: Computer Science

1997 Creighton University